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Find profiles synced by Restock Rocket in Klaviyo

This guide will walk you through the steps to create a segment in Klaviyo for customers synced from Restock Rocket.

Identify the synced customers

Restock Rocket syncs customers to Klaviyo with a specific identifier.
In Klaviyo, each of these customers will have a property labeled “source” set to "restock-rocket". This identifier is automatically added when the customer's data is synced from Restock Rocket.

klaviyo segment definition setting

Create a segment in Klaviyo

Log in to your Klaviyo dashboard. In Klaviyo, go to the "Lists & Segments" tab.
Click on “Create List/Segment”. Choose “Segment”.
You'll be prompted to set the conditions that define this segment. Choose “Properties about someone” as the condition.
In the property field, enter “source”. Set the condition to “equals” and type "restock-rocket" in the value field.
Give your segment a clear, identifiable name, such as “Restock Rocket signups” and save it.

Connect segment to existing flows

In the Klaviyo dashboard, go to the ‘Flows’ tab. Find the existing newsletter flow you wish to modify.
Click on the flow to open the flow editor. Look for the option to edit the ‘Trigger’ or ‘Recipient Filters’ of the flow. This step can vary slightly depending on your Klaviyo dashboard's version or layout.
You might see an option like ‘Add a Condition’ or ‘Filter by Segment/Property’. Select this and choose the segment you created.
Configure the condition to include (or exclusively target) members of this segment.
After making these changes, save the updated flow.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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