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Set up back in stock alert templates in other languages

In the world of e-commerce, catering to a global audience means communicating in various languages. Restock Rocket understands this need and allows you to set up buttons, pop-ups, and alerts in multiple languages. This feature helps to ensure that your store communicates effectively with customers from different linguistic backgrounds, enhancing their shopping experience.

How to set up notification templates in other languages

Head to 'Settings' from the left menu bar of the App.
Scroll down to find 'Languages'.
Enable the toggle for 'Multi language support'. This ensures that Restock Rocket uses the customer's preferred language.

Click 'Edit translations' under 'Notification templates' to change the language.
In the new page, select the language that you would like to change the content for from the dropdown. You can also select the specific template you want to change in the dropdown below the one for the language.

The fields will automatically populate according to the language and template selected. Edit them as needed and save your changes.
Restock Rocket comes with default translations for 13 languages. If the language selected has translations available, click 'Use defaults' to use the app's translations for all content.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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