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Enable 'Continue selling when out of stock' setting in Shopify

Offering products for pre-order can be a great strategy to manage inventory and gauge customer interest, especially for new products or those temporarily out of stock. Shopify makes this possible with the "Continue Selling When Out of Stock" feature, which allows you to keep selling products even when your inventory hits zero. This article will guide you through the steps to enable this setting in your Shopify admin.

For a quick visual guide, check out our short video tutorial. It provides clear step-by-step instructions to help you smoothly enable this setting

How to enable

Log into your Shopify admin dashboard to get started.
Navigate to the 'Products' section on the left menu bar and select the product you want to make available for pre-order.
If you product has variants, scroll down the 'Variants' section and click on the specific variant or variant(s).
Scroll down to the 'Inventory' section of the product page where you can manage stock levels and settings.
Ensure the "Track Quantity" option is enabled. This is important as it allows Shopify to keep track of how many units are still available or needed. Without this, the system won’t know the inventory level has hit zero.
Find the setting labeled "Continue selling when out of stock" and check this option. This will allow customers to order the product even when it’s not currently available in your inventory.
Ensure to click 'Save' on the top right bar.

Updated on: 26/05/2024

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