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How to check if app embed is enabled

After installing Restock Rocket on your Shopify store, you might encounter a scenario where the 'Notify Me' button is not visible on your storefront. This issue is typically related to the theme app extensions settings within Shopify. To ensure that the 'Notify Me' button appears as expected, it is essential to verify and enable the theme extension associated with Restock Rocket.

Follow these steps to ensure that the app embed is enabled:
Head to 'Online stores' from left menu bar on Shopify admin page.
Click 'Customize' button on the right on the current theme to open your store's theme editor.
Choose the third option i.e 'App embed' from the left menu bar on the page.
Make sure the toggle for Restock Rocket is enabled. If not, enable it.
Make sure to click 'Save' on the top right of the page.

After making sure the app embed is enabled, head to your store and refresh the page to check if the Notify me button has appeared.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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