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Import data for customers (or switch from another app)

Restock Rocket simplifies the migration of your existing customer list or back-in-stock requests from another app. The process is straightforward, requiring only the completion of a simple CSV file. This feature facilitates the bulk importation of data, making it effortless for merchants to transition their customer engagement efforts without losing valuable insights or requests.

Where to Find the Feature

To utilize this import functionality, follow these steps:

Navigate to 'Settings' from the left menu bar.
Scroll down to locate 'Import Customers'.
Carefully read the instructions and click on the "Restock Rocket Import Template" hyperlink. Start by reviewing the "Instructions" sheet, then proceed to fill out the details in the "Registrations" sheet.

How to Use This Feature

Get and Prepare the Data: Begin by organizing your customer data into a sheet for registrations, following the provided template. Alternatively, download the data from your previous application to ensure a seamless transition of registrations.

Format Data: The template specifies three essential columns: email, phone, and SKU. Restock Rocket uses the product SKU to identify each product accurately. Your sheet must include the SKU and at least one contact detail (email or phone) for each registration. It's crucial not to delete any columns.

CSV Import Template

After populating the "Registrations" sheet with all necessary information, export it to CSV format and upload it in the designated space.

Ongoing CSV Import

Following the upload, a banner will notify you that the CSV is being uploaded and checked for any errors. Once the processing is complete, you will receive an email with a 'Status Report' detailing the outcome.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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