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Sync to Klaviyo

Restock Rocket's integration with Klaviyo unlocks the potential for advanced customer engagement. You can easily sync customer details from Restock Rocket to Klaviyo and add them to your existing marketing campaigns.

Please note: The new Klaviyo integration is set to go live on March 27, 2024.

How to enable Klaviyo sync

In the Restock Rocket app, navigate to Back in stock Alerts.
Click on Settings, and then click on the Integrations option below Settings
There, you'll see the option to Sync customers to Klaviyo. Toggle this on to activate syncing.

To complete the sync setup, you'll need the private API key from your Klaviyo account. To grab the private key, please follow these steps here.

While creating a Private API, please ensure the following:
a) Opt for the 'Custom Key' option in the 'Select access level' section.
b) In the 'API Scopes' section, ensure 'List', 'Profile', and 'Subscriptions' are chosen, granting them 'Full Access'.

We recommend saving the API key with 'Restock- private-key" so it is clear that this key is solely used by restock rocket and has limited access.

To help you identify the source within Klaviyo, every customer record will include "restock-rocket" as the "$source" property. Read this article to create a segment for this property.

Review double Opt-In Settings

When managing your Klaviyo account, it's important to understand the implications of your double opt-in settings.

a) Double Opt-In Enabled:
If you've enabled double opt-in, customers who agree to marketing consent will receive a confirmation message via Email or SMS from Klaviyo. They must confirm their subscription before a new profile is synced to Klaviyo, along with subscription to SMS or Email marketing channels.

b). Double Opt-In Disabled:
If you disable double opt-in, customers will not need to confirm their subscription. In this case, customer data will be synced to Klaviyo without explicit confirmation.

klaviyo double opt in setting

For more details and to adjust your settings, review the double opt-in settings in your Klaviyo account.

We recommend disabling the double opt-in setting if you wish to get the customer data synced instantly. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

It's important to note that Restock Rocket sends 'back in stock' notification alerts to your customers; these notifications cannot be sent via Klaviyo.
Make sure to review the double opt-in settings

Updated on: 28/05/2024

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