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Charges for preorders

Your plan on Stoq includes a preorder limit. This is the number of preorders - orders with preorder products - you can sell per month. To see your plan's limit, click 'Plans' in the left menu bar of your Shopify admin under 'Stoq'.

How it works

If you're on the Free plan, Stoq will stop processing preorders if you sell more than the plan limit. You will be notified when the plan limit is breached and you can choose to upgrade your plan within 24 hours, or wait until the plan limit resets.
If you're on the Lite, Standard or Pro plans, Stoq will continue processing preorders above the plan limit. A fee for each order processed above the plan limit is charged if it contains a preorder product powered by Stoq.

Note that Stoq charges a per order fee only if you sell more preorders than the plan limit on paid plans. If the number of preorders per month are below the limit, you will not be charged any additional fees.


The fee per order is fixed, and is not dependent on the total value of your order. It is only charged if the order is above & beyond your current plan's limit and if the order contains a preorder product powered by Stoq. The following charges apply for each plan -

Plan namePreorder limitOrder feeDiscount
Free10 preorders--
Lite100 preorders$0.25 per preorder above limit0%
Standard400 preorders$0.1 per preorder above limit60%
Pro1,000 preorders$0.08 per preorder above limit68%

Updated on: 01/07/2024

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