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How do I check my plan usage?

Restock Rocket lets customers track their monthly plan usage for Email, SMS, and push notifications. Being aware of your plan usage in Restock Rocket ensures you're utilizing your resources optimally.

How to check

To check your plan usage, there's 2 ways:
Head to the 'Homepage' and find the 'Usage plan' tab

Head to the 'Plans' page and click 'See Plan Usage' on the top left.

What it says

Review you current plan: At the top of the Plan usage, you can see the plan you are subscribed to, for instance: 'Pro'.
Analyze communication channels: Restock Rocket provides different communication methods like Email, SMS, and Push.
For each method:
a) Progress Bar: Gives a visual representation of your usage. For example, if you see 9/∞ under 'Email', it means you've sent out 9 emails and have unlimited emails available in your plan.
b) Alerts: Under each communication method, there are different alert types like 'Back in stock alert', 'Reminder alert 1', etc. The numbers next to each alert show how many of that specific type of alert you've sent.

Types of Alerts:
a) Back in Stock alerts: These are the automatic alerts sent by Restock Rocket when a product is restocked.
b) Reminder alert 1, 2 & 3: These are the reminder alerts set by the merchant to send back in stock reminder alerts to customers. If these reminder notifications are set by you, they will be sent only if a product is in stock and the registered customer has not purchased the product.

Updated on: 27/10/2023

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