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Test Restock Rocket

Ensure your customers know when a product is back in stock to keep them engaged and increase sales. Try out Restock Rocket's alert system to see for yourself that your customers will get notified quickly when items are back in stock. This test also gives you a preview of what your customers will see when they get the alert.

Before testing out the flow please make sure to complete the onboarding initiated upon installing the app. This includes steps to enable the app embed and setting up the 'Notify me' button according to your preference.

Steps to Test Your Back in Stock Alert Flow:

Make a product out of stock: If all your products in your store are in stock, temporarily set a product’s inventory to 0 in your Shopify admin.

Open the out-of-stock product page: Navigate to an out-of-stock product page on your store and click on the 'Notify me when available' button

Sign Up for Alerts: Fill out the popup form with your email or phone number to register for back in stock notifications.

Restock the Product: Increase the inventory of the product in your Shopify admin, setting the quantity to a level above the minimum threshold set for notifications.

Receive the Alert: Look out for the back-in-stock notification in your email or phone. These alerts typically arrive within a minute or two after updating the product's inventory.

Review the Reports: Head to 'Reports' in the left menu bar of the app. Choose the 'Notifications sent' tab. Here, you will be able to view the details of the alert that was sent.

If your settings have automatic notifications turned off, you'll need to trigger the alerts manually from within the app.

Updated on: 30/03/2024

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