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Switch from another app to Restock Rocket

Why migrate from another app?

If you're thinking about switching from another app, Restock Rocket is here for you. Our platform offers affordable pricing, easy notification management, and unbeatable 24/7 support. With Restock Rocket, keeping your customers informed about their favorite products is simple and ensures they never miss out.

Getting started with Restock Rocket is easy:

Install the App: Install Restock Rocket from the Shopify App store

Choose a Plan: Pick the pricing plan that suits your business and then click on 'Subscribe'

Activate the App Embed: Enable the app embed for the "Notify me" button to appear.


Follow the Onboarding Guide: Complete our simple five-step setup process to get your account ready.

Explore Key Features:

Minimum Threshold: Set the inventory level that triggers back-in-stock alerts.
Automatic Notifications: Enable alerts to be sent automatically when products are restocked.
Reminder Notifications: Keep your customers engaged and increase sales with follow-up alerts.
Location-Specific Alerts: Send back in stock alerts only when specific locations are restocked

Importing Data:

Transitioning to Restock Rocket doesn’t mean starting from scratch. If you have existing sign-ups from another app, you can seamlessly bring them over so that Restock Rocket can continue sending alerts upon restocking. Here’s how:

Export Data: Begin by exporting your customer sign-up data from your current app.
Import to Restock Rocket: Upload the exported data into Restock Rocket, ensuring your customers continue to receive timely back-in-stock alerts without interruption.

Our simple data import process ensures a smooth transition from another app. Choose Restock Rocket for a better way to keep your customers informed and excited about your products.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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