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Collect quantity required

Restock Rocket has a helpful feature that lets customers tell you how much of a product they want to buy when it's back in stock. This way, they can sign up to be alerted and also specify the quantity they are interested in purchasing.

Add the Quantity field to your signup form

Head to “Button & popup” from the left menu bar of the App.
Under 'Customize signup popup', click “Customize popup”.
Under the “Form content” area, you’ll find the option “Let customers specify quantity”.

Simply tick the checkbox to enable this feature.
You can also adjust the label of the quantity field to suit your preference or to provide clearer instructions for your customers.
Make sure to check the preview on the right of the screen.
Click Save changes to make sure customers see the quantity field in the signup form.

See quantities requested

Once customers start using this feature, monitoring their requests becomes essential. You can view the quantities desired by customers under 'Reports'. in the 'Requests waiting' tab. This report will display the entered quantities alongside each customer request, offering you valuable insight into the demand for particular products or variants.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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