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Enable 1-click resubscribe for future back in stock alerts

When you send a back in stock alert, your customers receive a purchase link to buy the product. For high demand products, not all customers get a chance to buy it and so they may end up on an "out of stock" checkout page. If your restock is limited, a significant portion of your notified customers are likely to see this message. To get notified again, your customers then need to exit checkout, find the product on your store and sign up again.

'Quick resubscribe' makes this a 1-click process for your customers. It automatically redirects them to the product page, and opens the Notify me popup with their details pre-filled. For your customer, it's just 1 click or tap from there on to sign up for the next restock. Your customers are way more likely to stay on the restock list, and end up converting into a purchase.

How to Enable:

From the Restock Rocket dashboard, navigate to 'Settings' via the left menu bar.
Click on 'Quick resubscribe'.
To activate the feature, click on 'Turn On'.

When customers click on 'Buy now' from any notification alert and the product is out of stock, they are redirected to the product page where the signup popup form is pre-filled with their details. All they need to do is hit "Notify me when available" on the popup, simplifying the process to stay in the loop for restocks to just 1 click.

Customize Banner Text:

Go to 'Button & Popup' from the left menu bar.
Choose 'Customize Popup'.
Under the 'Signup Form' tab, select 'Form Content'.
Scroll to find 'Re-register' and enter your preferred banner text.
Don’t forget to click 'Save Changes' on the top right to apply your customizations.

Updated on: 28/02/2024

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