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Collect subscribers for newsletters

Restock Rocket simplifies the process of building your mailing list by providing an easy way for customers to opt into marketing emails and text messages. This feature enhances your engagement strategy, allowing customers to subscribe while signing up for alerts on out-of-stock products or variants.

How to Enable

In the Restock Rocket app, go to 'Button & Popup' from the left menu.
Select 'Customize Popup' under Customize signup popup.
Navigate to the 'Mailing List' section.
Activate the feature by enabling "Show option to join mailing list."
Remember to click 'Save changes' on the top right.

With this setup, customers will see an option to subscribe to your newsletter on the signup form. This not only helps in growing your subscriber base but also in ensuring that your marketing reaches a wider audience.

Additional Options:

Automatic Enrollment: Restock Rocket offers the ability to enroll customers in your mailing list by default. If you prefer to require explicit consent, simply uncheck the option 'Enroll customers by default'. This ensures that subscriptions comply with customer preferences and consent regulations.

Data Synchronization and Export: The platform provides seamless integration with various platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo, enabling you to sync customer data effortlessly. We will soon be integrating with platforms like Mailchimp.

Additionally, you can export this data for further analysis or use from 'Reports' > 'Customers' tab > Email CSV on the bottom right.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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