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Customize 'Notify me' button look, text and position

In the world of online retail, the details make all the difference. This is especially true for elements like the 'Notify Me' button provided by Restock Rocket. Customizing this button to match your store's theme and style not only enhances the visual appeal of your site but also improves user experience.

Restock Rocket makes it easy to tailor the appearance, wording, and placement of the 'Notify Me' button to align perfectly with your brand identity.

How to customize:

Head to 'Button & popup' from the left menu bar of the App.
Click on 'Customize button'.
Under 'Button' tab, select 'Button style & content'.

Here you can change the button text, button text color, background color.
You can also change the button position: floating on right side of page, floating on left side, below sold out button or a specific position on page.
After making changes, click 'Save changes' to make sure the changes are reflected on your store.

If the button is not on the right position on the page, please contact Support and we'll set it up for you!

Updated on: 26/02/2024

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