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Help: 'Notify me' button appears on all variants (or visible on in stock products)

Noticing the "Notify me" button even when an out of stock variant is not selected? Or seeing it on "in-stock" products? It's likely due to a feature enabled in your Restock Rocket settings. Here's how to adjust it.

What happened

Restock Rocket has an advanced setting to show the 'Notify me' button if any variant of the product is out of stock. This is useful for merchants have themes where an out of stock variant cannot be selected. This setting makes the button appear if any variant is not available, so customers don't have to select a variant to register for alerts. However if your theme allows customers to select an out of stock variant, this can be confusing and it's best to disable it.

How to disable

Follow these easy steps:

Click 'Button & Popup' section in the left menu bar. Then, click ‘Customize button’
Click on ‘Button Style & Position’ on the new page. Scroll down to ‘Advanced settings’.
Disable the checkbox "Show 'Notify me' button if any variant is out of stock"
Save your changes.

Disable this setting to adjust how the button appears

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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