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Move Notify me button on specific position on page

Restock Rocket enhances the customization of your product pages by offering the flexibility to place the "Notify Me" button in a specific location. This feature ensures that the button aligns perfectly with your store's design and user experience strategy, making it more intuitive for customers to sign up for restock alerts.

How to place the button in specific position:

In your Restock Rocket dashboard, select 'Button & Popup' from the left menu.
Click on 'Customize Button' to modify its appearance.
Click on 'Button Style & content' for more detailed settings.
Within the 'Button Position' section, you'll find three options: floating on the left, floating on the right, and below the sold-out button. Choose the third option for below the sold-out button.
A confirmation banner will prompt you to check your store and verify the button's placement. If it's correctly positioned below the sold-out button, confirm by clicking yes.

If the placement isn't quite right or you desire a more precise location, click "No" and choose from the 2 options:

Chat with Support: Select "Chat with Support." A popup chat box will open with default text "Hi! I need help with setting up 'Notify me' button." Just click the arrow button and our dedicated Support team will assist you in placing the button exactly where you need it, ensuring a seamless integration with your page layout.

DIY Option: If you're comfortable with HTML/CSS, choose "I'll do it myself." Use your browser's inspect tool (Right-click > Inspect) to find the appropriate element selector on your page. Enter this selector in the provided text box, remembering to prefix with a "." for classes or "#" for IDs.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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