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Show/Hide 'Notify me' button on specific collections

Restock Rocket enhances your online store's functionality by allowing you to selectively display the "Notify Me When Available" button on specific products using product tags. You can build on top of this flexibility to show or hide the 'Notify me' button on specific collections of products.

There are two methods to achieve this:

Adding Tags to Products in a Collection in Shopify Admin:

Go to 'Products' in your Shopify admin dashboard.
Click the 'Search and filter' icon on the right.

Click 'add filter', from the dropdown choose 'Collection' and select the collection to which you want to add tags.

Use the 'checkbox' to select either all products or specific ones, then click 'bulk edit'.

In the bulk edit screen, click 'columns' at the top right and choose 'tags' from the dropdown menu. Add your desired tag to the products in the collection within the tags column.

Click 'save' on the top right to apply your changes.

After tagging, head over to the 'Restock Rocket' app and input the tags as described in this guide. The "Notify Me" button will then adhere to the preferences you've set.

Using Shopify Flow to Show/Hide the Button:

For a more automated approach, you can use Shopify Flow to control the visibility of the "Notify Me" button based on specific conditions or triggers within your collections. Given the complexity and the powerful automation capabilities of Shopify Flow, we recommend reaching out to Shopify support for detailed guidance on setting this up.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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