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Send reminder notifications to increase sales

Restock Rocket empowers merchants to boost their sales by leveraging reminder notifications. This feature targets customers who might have overlooked the initial back-in-stock alert, providing a gentle nudge to reconsider the purchase while the product is still available.

Where to Find This Feature

Accessing this sales-boosting tool is straightforward:

From the left menu bar, select 'Notifications'.
Click on any of 'Reminder Notifications' to manage your settings.
Click 'Customize email' or 'Customize SMS' to modify the templates specific to that reminder.
Set the interval between each reminder, to time your follow-ups perfectly.

How This Works

Reminder notifications target customers who missed buying a product after the first back-in-stock alert, but only if that item is still available and if they haven't purchased it yet. This method makes sure reminders are sent at the right time, making it more likely that customers will buy. You can send up to two reminders, giving you more chances to grab a customer's attention. You can also turn off all reminders or manage them one by one, giving you control over how you reach out to your customers.

Note: You can select a specific time to send reminder alerts. This setting applies to all reminders.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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