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Send notifications manually

Restock Rocket typically sends out notifications to customers automatically when a product or variant they're interested in is back in stock. But you can also choose to send notifications manually at any time from the app's dashboard. There's 2 different ways to do so, and both are from the "Reports" page.

From 'Requests Waiting' tab

Head to 'Reports' in the left menu bar of the app.
Choose the 'Requests Waiting' tab.

Browse the list to find the notification you would like to send manually.
Click 'Send' next to a specific request pending to send a notification.

Through 'Products in Demand' report

Navigate to 'Reports' and select the 'Products in Demand' tab.
Find or search for the product you want to send notifications for.
Click on your chosen product. This 'Requests Waiting' tab for that specific product will be displayed.

Send a notification for individual requests by clicking the 'Send' button.
Click 'Send notifications' to send all notifications. From the drop down, you can also specify the type of notification - Email only, SMS only etc - you would like to send.

And there you have it! You're now in full control of when and how your back-in-stock alerts are sent out. Happy notifying!

Updated on: 03/11/2023

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