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Set minimum threshold for sending alerts

Customers eagerly await back in stock alerts, especially for popular products. However, if you only restock a small quantity (or process a return for an out-of-stock item) and send back in stock alerts for it, the product might sell out quickly. This could leave many customers disappointed when they find the product unavailable by the time they check the alert.

To enhance customer experience, consider setting a minimum stock threshold. This ensures that back in stock notifications are only sent when there's a significant quantity available, reducing the chances of immediate sell-outs.

To enable this feature in Restock Rocket, follow these steps:

Head to Notifications on the left menu bar of the App.
Select 'When you restock the product' (or 'Send automatic notification') and scroll down to find 'Alerts Settings'.

Set the 'Minimum restock quantity to Notify customers'. The default number is 1, but we recommend changing it to a number of your preference.
Click 'Save'.
Your customers will now be sent back in stock alerts when the quantity restocked is greater or equal to the number provided.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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