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Change 'From Address' for Emails

Restock Rocket sends automatic back in stock email alerts from to your customers by default. You can change this address - the 'from address' - to an email address of your choice.

To change the 'from address' to your own, follow these steps:
On the Restock Rocket app, head to Notifications in the left menu bar.
Click "Customize email"

Under "Email template" tab, change the field for 'From address' and add the email you would like to send alerts from.
Click 'Save changes' to ensure that your changes are saved.

A banner will appear asking you to verify your email. Click "Verify email"
You will receive an email with a verification link to the email you saved. Click with link within 24 hours and once verified, Restock Rocket will send email alerts from the verified address.

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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