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Send back in stock alerts in batches with Delivery Policy

Keeping customers informed about product availability is key to maintaining a positive shopping experience. By default, Restock Rocket sends back in stock alerts to all signups when you restock the product - to give you the highest chances for conversion to revenue. There may be cases, however, where you want the back in stock alerts to go to a group of customers at a time, rather than all at once. If your product is in high demand or if you have limited stocks, you may want to notify a batch of customers, typically the first few, and then notify other customers in batches subsequently if stock is available.

Restock Rocket enables you to notify customers in batches with a set of features called "Delivery Policy". Read on below to see how you can set it up.

How to send back in stock alerts in batches

Head to "Notifications" in the left menu bar of the app.
Scroll down until you find "Delivery settings".
Select one of the two options listed there and adjust the settings as needed.
Save your changes.

Delivery settings

Send back in stock alerts to all signups: Enable this option to notify all customers who have signed up for restock alerts as soon as the product becomes available again.
Send back in stock alerts in batches over a period of time: This setting allows you to send alerts in groups, which can be crucial if you have a limited restock quantity and want to give an equal chance to a batch of customers before notifying the next.

If you configure Restock Rocket to send alerts in batches, you can then configure the following settings:
Notification multiplier: Determines the number of customers to notify per batch. This number is multiplied with the number of units you restock to create batches. For example - if you enter 10 here and restock 50 units, the app will send 500 (10 * 50) alerts for the first batch.
Interval between batches: Set the time interval between sending out batches of notifications. For example - if you set it to 3 hours, Restock Rocket will send the next batch of alerts 3 hours after the previous one.

How it works

If you enable batch based alerts delivery -
Restock Rocket will check if your product is in-stock (i.e. inventory is available to purchase) every few hours based on the interval you selected.
If inventory is available, the app will send alerts based on the Notification multiplier specified.
This process will continue until the product is out of stock or until all customers are notified.


How are customers prioritized in the batch notification system?

A: Customers are typically prioritized based on the order in which they signed up for back-in-stock notifications. This ensures fairness and rewards those who showed early interest.

What happens if my stock runs out before all batches are notified?

A: If the stock runs out before all customers are notified, the remaining notifications are halted. Customers in pending batches are informed once the item is restocked again.

Can I customize the size of each batch for notifications?

A: Yes, you can customize batch sizes by adjusting the Notification multiplier in the batch settings to control how many customers are notified in each batch.

Is it possible to exclude certain products from batch notifications?

A: Currently, batch based delivery settings apply to all products if it's enabled. We will look into adding more granularity in future updates to the app.

Can customers choose to be notified in the first batch?

A: The batch notification process is automated and customers are notified in the order they signed up. There is no option for customers to choose their batch placement at this time.

Will customers be notified again if they do not purchase after the first alert?

A: Customers are only notified once per restock event. If they do not purchase, they will need to sign up again for future notifications.

Are there any safeguards against sending duplicate notifications to the same customer?

A: Yes, our system is designed to ensure that each customer only receives one automatic back in stock alert per restock event.

What if I want to notify all customers immediately without using batches?

A: You can disable the batch notification option and choose to send alerts to all signups at once. This is recommended only if you have sufficient stock.

How can I adjust the time interval between batches after setting it?

A: You can adjust the interval at any time in the "Delivery settings" section of "Notifications". Changes will take effect for subsequent batches.

What should I do if a batch notification fails to send?

A: If you identify any issues with batch based back in stock alerts, reach out to us and we'll do our best to help right away.

Updated on: 29/12/2023

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