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Verification for SMS back in stock alerts

If you've recently enabled SMS alerts in Restock Rocket for the first time, this article will help you understand why a compliance verification is required and what we do through the process.

Increased Compliance

Mobile usage is at an all-time high, and unfortunately that has brought along problems like increase in spam/phishing content, privacy concerns and compliance to consumer protection laws. To solve these problems, regulators around the world are clamping down on SMS notifications. For example, in USA and Canada, long code phone numbers cannot be used to send SMS messages without A2P 10DLC registration, a multi-step verification flow requiring software providers like Restock Rocket to ensure that the provider as well as all of its customers comply to regulations. to use New laws require that the software vendor, as well as all of its customers, complete a thorough verification and adhere to all regulations.

The increased regulation primarily aims to:
Combat spam and misleading content
Ensure that certain product categories follow the prescribed regulations, like cannabis, vapes products, tobacco, alcohol and others.
Safeguard consumers from harmful content


Restock Rocket's compliance verification is a proactive measure to align with these regulatory changes and avoid legal repercussions. It is triggered automatically when you enable SMS alerts for the first time, and our in-house moderation team completes the verification within 12-24 hours.

During the verification process, Restock Rocket uses your product listings and store metadata as data points to complete the compliance check. This data is generally publicly available. The data, like titles and descriptions, are analysed contextually, compared against compliance databases and/or parsed through multiple filters. Sensitive data is not processed or used in any manner.

The verification process is a combination of algorithmic and manual review, where your store's information is passed through workflows mentioned above as well as a moderation team to confirm compliance to regulations pertaining to your region. This process typically takes 12 to 24 hours to complete, and you will be automatically notified of the outcome and any required actions upon completion. If you have any questions or need the approval fast tracked, please get in touch.

Updated on: 20/01/2024

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