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Customize email template

Restock Rocket provides a user-friendly way to personalize the emails that notify customers about restocked items they're interested in. This customization can help you maintain consistent branding and make communications feel more personal.

How to customize email template

To edit the email notifications, follow these instructions:

Go to 'Notifications' from the left menu bar of the app and then select 'Customize email'.
You will have options to modify several elements of the email. Find a list of elements available below.

From addressThe email address that customers will see as the sender.
From nameThe name that appears as the sender.
SubjectThe subject line of the email.
HeadingThe main headline within the email.
DescriptionThe body text or message to your customers.
FooterThe bottom part of the email, usually containing additional information or disclaimers.
Button appearanceThe look of the 'Buy Now' button.
BackgroundThe color and text of the email's background.

As you make changes, you can preview it on the right of the screen to see how your email will appear to customers in real time.
Save your changes once done to update the template.
You can also send a test email to ensure everything looks right.
To adjust the settings for reminder notifications, select another notification type from the "Notifications" page and then click "Customize email".

If you have knowledge of HTML, Restock Rocket also allows you to create a completely customized email template by adding your own HTML code. This gives you even greater control over the design and layout of your restock notifications.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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