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Customize email template using CSS

For those comfortable with coding, Restock Rocket lets you easily customize your email templates with CSS. With just a few tweaks, you can align the appearance of your emails exactly with your preferences, from adjusting text styles to changing backgrounds.

We offer four types of email alerts you can customize to fit your needs:

Automatic Email Notification: Sent when a product is back in stock. It is also used to
Reminder Notification 1: The first reminder to encourage customers to buy the product that is back in stock.
Reminder Notification 2: A second nudge to keep customers interested.
Reminder Notification 3: The final reminder to grab customers' attention.

The CSS changes made will be specific to each template. You can add CSS when customizing the email template. Follow this guide to get started:

Here's a list of selectors you can use to make changes to the custom HTML email templates:

Element nameCSS selector
Email bodybody .email-container
Logo - containertd.logo-container
Logo - imagetd.logo-container .logo
Headertd .header
Descriptiontd .description p
Buy button - containertd.button-container
Buy buttontd.button-container .buy-button
Product imagetd.product-container .product-image
Footer texttd .footer p
Unsubscribe texttd .unsubscribe a

Updated on: 29/02/2024

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