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Export reports to CSV

If you want to keep a record of your reports outside our app, or if you need the information for sending out marketing emails, you can easily export your data to a CSV file.

How to export your reports

Go to the 'Reports' section from the left menu bar of the App.
Look for the 'Export CSV' button, which should be at the bottom right of any report you are viewing.
Click this button, and the system will prepare your report to be sent as a CSV file.
The CSV will be sent to your email address specified in the app's settings. Read below to see how to change it.

Setting up your email address

Before you export anything, make sure you've set up the right email address to receive the files. To check or change it:

Go to 'Settings' from left menu bar of the App.
Scroll down to find 'Email' and find 'Reports'.
Under 'Email address to receive reports', you can type in the email address where you want to get the CSV files.
After entering your preferred email, hit 'Save' to make sure your changes are kept.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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