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View Analytics on signups, products and notifications sent

For any online store, keeping track of customer interests and sales data is crucial. Restock Rocket offers an intuitive way to view these analytics right on its homepage. This feature gives you insights into customer signups, product interests, and the effectiveness of your notifications.

How to see your analytics in Restock Rocket

From the Homepage, head to the homepage of the Restock Rocket app, scroll down to find 'Analytics'.

The Analytics tab presents a chart detailing signups and notifications sent over the last six weeks. This gives you a quick overview of recent trends and customer engagement.
Under the 'This Month' tab, you can see valuable data such as: the number of signups for back-in-stock alerts, the quantity of back-in-stock alerts sent, sales referred by these alerts, total revenue recovered during the current month.
The 'All Time' tab provides a broader view, showing similar data but over the entire period you’ve been using Restock Rocket. This includes lifetime signups, alerts sent, referred sales, and total revenue recovered.
For more specific details, go to Reports > Notifications Sent. Here, you can see the number and types of alerts sent in the current month, broken down by each notification type.

Updated on: 20/11/2023

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