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"Product deleted or variant unavailable". What should I do?

You may run into 'Product Deleted or Variant Not Found' in your Restock Rocket reports, if you recently changed the variants linked to your product or deleted a product/variant. It's important to understand what this means and how you can resolve it to maintain accurate inventory tracking and customer notifications.

What happened?

If you navigate to the 'Products in Demand' section under the 'Reports' tab in Restock Rocket and notice that some products or variants are listed as 'deleted' or 'not found', this indicates a specific issue. This usually means that these products have been deleted from your Shopify store, or the variants associated with them are no longer available or have been modified.

When products or their variants are deleted or changed in Shopify, Restock Rocket may lose the ability to track these items correctly.

How to resolve this issue?

Choose the product/variant that was deleted or that shows unavailable.
On the new page, you have an option to 'Move Requests' for the deleted variant

After clicking on 'Move Requests', a popup will appear to choose the product you want to move the requests to.

From the popup, search the product, click on one variant (if multiple exist) and click 'Select'.
Your requests are now moved to the selected product.
You can now notify customers with back in stock alerts on the selected product.

This feature only moves the requests that are pending to be notified to the new product. Notifications sent in earlier restocks will not be moved.

Updated on: 23/11/2023

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