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Keeping track of which products your customers want to buy when they're back in stock is really useful. It helps you figure out what to restock, so you don't waste money keeping things that don't sell. Restock Rocket can help you make better decisions when it comes to restocking with our "Products in demand" report.

How to see Products In Demand

Click 'Reports' on the menu on the left.
Go to the "Products in demand" tab.
Here, you'll see a list of items that people have asked for, organized by how many times they've been requested.
You can click on any product or variant to see more details, like how many people are waiting and how many notifications have been sent out.

Understanding the Products in Demand report

Product Name/Variant: The specific item people want.
Total: How many times people have signed up to be alerted when it's back in stock since the beginning.
Pending: The count of customers who are still waiting to be told the item is back in stock.
Last Requested On: The last time someone asked to be notified about that product or variant.

Additional features

Use the search bar to quickly find a specific product or variant.
You can filter to see all variants or just the ones that haven't been restocked yet.
There's also a new sorting feature. Choose "Group by variant" to see the details for each product and its variants separately, or "Group by product" to view a summary of all the products.

Updated on: 06/11/2023

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