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Send alerts only when the product is published to Online Store

With Restock Rocket, you can notify your customers not only when a product is restocked but also when a product is published to your Online store.

Send alerts when product is published to Online Store

How it works

Traditionally, Restock Rocket sends out notifications when a product is restocked. However, this feature takes it a step further by sending alerts to customers when you publish the product to your Online store too. This feature is beneficial if you tend to hide product listings when updating quantities or if you want to generate buzz around product restocks.

How to enable

Navigate to the 'Notifications' section in the left menu bar of Restock Rocket app.
Scroll down to 'Advanced Settings'.
Enable the checkbox labelled "Send back in stock alerts when product is published to Online Store"
Save your changes.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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