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Send test email alerts

When customizing email templates with Restock Rocket, it's essential to know exactly how they will appear to your customers. While the preview feature on the right side of your screen offers a glimpse of the design, there's no substitute for experiencing an actual email. You can see the emails exactly as your customers would see it by using our "Send test email" feature.

To send a test email, follow these steps:

Head to 'Notifications' on the left menu bar of the App.
Select 'When you restock the product' and click 'Customize email'.
On the right side of the screen, below the email, find 'Send test email.

Click on it to send a test email. The email will be sent to the address mentioned in "From address" on this page.
Once you receive the test email, review it closely. Check the design, text, and overall appearance to ensure it aligns with your brand and preferences.

Note: The test email will showcase a sample product from our demo store. If you'd like to see an email with a product from your store, create a signup for it from Reports > Requests waiting and then send the alert manually.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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