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Use custom HTML template for email back in stock alerts

Restock Rocket lets you send out emails using a special design you've made yourself with HTML/CSS. This is great if you want your emails to have a unique look.

How to Use Your Own Email Template:

Click on "Notifications" from the left menu bar in the Restock Rocket app.
Go to "Customize email" and then find the "Custom HTML tab".
Check the box that says "Use HTML template".

Below that, you'll see a space where you can paste your HTML/CSS code for your email template.
Restock Rocket has some special codes (called liquid variables) that you can use to add product details and checkout links to your email. You can find out how to use them by clicking on the "Variables" link.
Make sure you save your changes when you're done. Then, click on "Send test email" to check that your email looks the way you want it to.

Note: right now, you can't preview your custom email template directly in Restock Rocket. You'll need to test it by sending an email to see how it looks.

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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